Almond Joy Ice Cream (Or Gelato. Maybe.)


I’m a huge fan of coconut.  That said, there’s a fine line between a great coconut dessert and something that tastes like you’re eating straight from the Coppertone bottle. When the itch came to make coconut ice cream, I obviously went straight to David Lebovitz—the source for all my ice cream quests and non-sunscreen tasting desserts. Not surprisingly, the base for this ice cream had the perfect amount of coconut—noticeable, but not overwhelming. Coconut ice cream wasn’t enough for me, though, so I decided to cover some almonds in chocolate, chop them up, and add them along with some extra toasted coconut, resulting in a mighty tasty ice cream reminiscent of the Almond Joy candy bar.

I used more whole milk than cream in this not to save on calories (although, that’s a bonus, I guess) but because I had 1 cup of cream leftover from making the sticky toffee pudding and more than 1 cup of whole milk needing to be used up (since my son is not the biggest fan of cow’s milk, apparently). I’m calling this gelato (maybe) since it has more milk than cream. If you’re making traditional ice cream, replace one cup of the milk with cream, and make the custard with a cup of each (using the second cup of cream at the end, to stir the custard into before cooling).

The only thing I’ll do differently next time is to not break the spatula as I’m pressing the coconut through the strainer, causing random bits of coconut to land on my cabinets, floors, and hair (and probably in the light fixtures, too, but who can tell?).


Almond Joy Ice Cream (Or Gelato. Maybe.)

20 thoughts on “Almond Joy Ice Cream (Or Gelato. Maybe.)

  1. It’s good to know I’m not the only one who feels this way about coconut desserts. Some people just don’t get the sunscreen association or maybe their tastebuds process it differently…who knows? But when a coconut dessert is GOOD, then it’s good…and this ice cream/gelato blend…is GOOOOOOODDDDDD.

  2. Coconut is one of my favorite flavors and this recipe sounds incredible. I will definitely be giving it a try. Thanks 🙂

    Maria @ Love & Sugar Kisses

  3. The base for this ice cream (toasted coconut) is seriously one of my favorite ice cream recipes from DL! I have to say…aside from the deliciousness that is this ice, your photo, Elly, is awesome!!

  4. I recently made his coconut ice cream, and we really enjoyed it. I love your mix-in ideas, so we may be trying it out again 🙂

  5. I really love the taste of coconut too, but I definitely agree that sometimes it can be overpowering and overdone. I think in ice cream it can totally work though! Yours looks so delicious!

  6. I like coconut. I don’t LOVE coconut, but I like it. Unfortunately, my husband hates it. So… I rarely make stuff with coconut in it. 🙁

    This looks delicious! I might just make it and eat it all myself.

    PS. 99% of the time I am anti-Starbucks, but I saw they have their Frappuccino Happy Hour, which is the only time of the year I ever get a Frappuccino. And what caught my eye was their Mocha Coconut Frappuccino. I got the Mocha Coconut Lite, and it was SO good! The perfect mixture between chocolate & coconut! And it was single serving of course, so I didn’t have to worry about whether or not anyone else liked coconut!

  7. Oh! Ice cream…I love them all, and this one looks so nutty and crunchy and tasty…I just need a ice cream maker. Beautifully done. Hope you are having a great week Elly 🙂

  8. so you twitted this post on the One Minute Writers twitter feed. And I have to say I am so glad you did. This sounds amazing!!

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