Yellow Butter Cake with Chocolate Frosting (and Happy Birthday, Zachary!)


I mentioned previously that yellow cake with chocolate frosting is one of my two favorite cakes. I’ve had this recipe bookmarked from Annie’s Eats ever since she posted it.  I don’t make layer cakes very often at all, but we had a reason this time – Zachary’s birthday! I can’t believe he is already one!

Being that he’s never had cake before, I didn’t think he would be too picky about his birthday cake.  So, of course, I chose my favorite.  I ended up increasing the recipe by 50%  in order to have enough for a personal cake for Zachary.  (Actually, I had fully intended on making a personal one for my father-in-law, too, since his birthday was the previous day, but learned that morning my other mini springform pan was broken.)  The recipe below, though, is the original amount.

I thought this cake was delicious.  Of course, there are 5 sticks of butter between the cake and frosting, so it’s hard for it not to be pretty good.  And, of course,a pound of chocolate in the frosting is sure to help as well. I’m so glad to have a tried and true recipe for one of my favorite cakes!

Putting this together could really not be simpler.  I always appreciate that, being that I’m not the biggest fan of baking.  My cakes started browning at the top a little bit before the center was completely done, so I just tented them with foil toward the end while they baked through.  I suspect part of that reason was because I had more batter in the pans since I increased the recipe.  The cakes were still done in about 30-32 minutes, but I did use convection.

I’m pretty sure at first he thought it was finger paint (he covered both hands in the frosting and just kept rubbing them together), but eventually Zachary stuck it in his mouth and seemed to like it. So, compliments to you, Martha Stewart, from the coolest one year old on the planet.


Yellow Butter Cake with Chocolate Frosting (and Happy Birthday, Zachary!)

  • Happy birthday Zachary! What a wonderful way to celebrate toddlerhood!

  • Yay Zachary! I remember when you were born! Lol. Cake looks great, Elly.

  • What a cute picture of your cutie pie!

  • Happy birthday, he is so cute! And the cake is gorgeous.

  • This looks festive & delicious! Happy Birthday Zachary!

  • One of the best combinations in the world… yellow cake and chocolate frosting… and 5 sticks of butter! Happy birthday Zachman!

  • Happy birthday little man. It sure likes he enjoyed the cake so that is good enough for me.

  • I love your cake Elly. It looks so pretty.
    Happy birthday to your boy. Na sou zisei!! Xronia polla!

  • Oh wow I can’t believe he’s one already! Happy birthday to Zach! He looks adorable, Elly! He must be such a joy!

    Yellow butter cake is a favorite around here as well…I’ll definitely be trying this as a go-to. Seems like it turned out perfectly!

  • looks like Zachary loved it! it’s the first of many and I hope we’ll hear about Tom making a birthday cake in the future! 😉

  • I can’t believe a year has passed too. Zachary is beautiful and twice as sweet as the cake!

  • Happy Birthday Zachary! Looks like a great cake.

  • The frosting looks ensational and baby’s face is a treat of another kind. Beautiful!!

  • Michelle

    Is there really only half a cup of powdered sugar for all of that frosting?

    • elly

      Yep, that’s it. It’s not an overly sweet frosting, but it’s definitely rich and chocolatey enough!

      • Michelle

        Sounds delish! Yellow cake with fudgy frosting has long been a fav! Thanks

  • Happy b’day to your adorable son!! I would love to dive into his cake 😉

  • Happy Birthday to Zach…he’s a lucky boy who will be fed very well. 😉

  • I am a sucker for yellow cake and chocolate frosting– a classic. Lovely blog- great photos!

  • A beautiful cake and an even more beautiful boy! Happy birthday to your cutie pie. So glad you liked this cake!

  • Ivy

    Happy belated birthday wishes for Zachary. He is such a cute little boy and seems to be enjoying the cake.

  • Zachary is soooo cute! I love his big brown eyes. Yellow cake and chocolate frosting is such a perfect combination.

  • Awww, what a cute picture (and yummy cake) – Happy Birthday Zachary! I can’t believe he’s already a year old!

  • O MY CUPCAKES!!! I love it all, you are so awesomeilicious…new word, bless you and your family and friends, we know that they are munching outrageous yummies, redraven

  • fran

    good recipe

  • Kristina

    I made the frosting the way you wrote it and ended up with bits of cocoa paste throughout. My fault for not adding more water in the beginning, and it’s still delicious, but not very pretty.

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