World Famous Black Beans



The title of this post is somewhat tongue-in-cheek, sure, but it’s also a little true.  See, my recipe for black beans is quite “famous.”  Many food bloggers have made them & loved them, friends and family who have tried the recipe have raved, and I’ve even gotten emails from readers in various parts of the world who have really enjoyed these beans. Getting emails from people in other countries always made me (makes me!) feel pretty special.

Thing is, these were buried in a very old blog post with a very horrible photo.  I don’t think this picture is necessarily award-winning, but then I don’t think most pictures of something like black beans are. 🙂  A lot of people ask me if I ever have any “staple” dishes, since I am constantly blogging new things.  The answer to that is absolutely, and these beans are definitely the most common staple in our home – we probably eat them close to once a week.  I wanted to re-post them for those of you who’ve never seen the recipe before in hopes that you will try them and like them as much as we do.

Before making this recipe years ago, I used to mostly dump cans of beans into things (chicken and rice dishes, soups,  burritos), but I never really knew what to do with them as a side on their own.  Ever since making these, they have pretty much been our go-to black bean side for any dish they would complement (and you know I make a lot of Mexican food, which means we eat these a lot).

Since I also seem to roast poblanos once a week, I’ve also added some chopped poblano pepper to these beans, too, which is also a great addition.

World Famous Black Beans