Chicken, Mushroom, Pea and Stuffing Casserole


Casseroles get a pretty bad rap in the food/culinary community.  And yet, there are very few people I know who don’t find casseroles extremely comforting and tasty–maybe because so many grew up on them.

A lot of people automatically associate casseroles with Campbell’s cream soups, but they certainly don’t have to be made with them if you don’t want them to be.  Like all convenience foods, the components of a casserole can easily be made from scratch.  Not only is it easy to do with ingredients you more than likely have on hand, but this way you know exactly what you’re eating and can control the sodium level.

In the very, very few times I’ve made stuffing, I have always opted for staling the bread myself overnight, but at some point I bought unseasoned bread cubes to try out.  Well, months and months later, half the bag was still sitting in my pantry, so I decided rather than just make stuffing, I’d make one of those nostalgic chicken and stuffing casseroles.  If you have extra bread, just cut it into cubes and lay it on a cooling rack or cookie sheet to dry overnight.

I wanted to keep this relatively healthy so I didn’t use a lot of fat/flour in my roux. I still think my mixture was plenty thick enough but if you don’t, you can either start with more butter and flour, or you can add a cornstarch slurry at the end until you get the thickness you want.  I also didn’t dot butter on top of the stuffing, but by all means, feel free to do so. This is pretty much the epitome of casseroles. It’s certainly not show-stopping but it’s easy, comforting, tasty & simple.

Chicken, Mushroom, Pea and Stuffing Casserole