Mongolian Beef

August 13, 2009 · 71 comments

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One of my favorite things to order out when we get Chinese is Mongolian beef. I love ginger and garlic together (one of the world’s most perfect pairings in my opinion), and I love the slight heat from the red pepper mixed with the sweetness from the sugar.  I do enjoy making Asian cuisines at home (especially because it ends up being so much healthier), but my repertoire is still a little thin.   I’ve never tried Mongolian beef at home, so when I saw this post at Confections of a Foodie Bride a few months back, I bookmarked it immediately.

I reduced the amount of sauce (but not the amount of ginger and garlic) since I used less steak, but next time I might keep the sauce the same.  Also, looking at the recipe now, I’m trying to remember if I actually added the water.  Hmm. I think I did? But, I’m not so sure.  I made this a couple weeks ago so I don’t remember it very clearly. I should probably start posting things as I make them, or at least drafts of them since I tend to be forgetful…

I also had, umm, a slight incident with some sticking to the wok (the leftover sugar burning as I was cooking the meat). Hot wok + sugar = not the best situation for me.

But anyway, this was a great recipe. All the flavors worked so well together, and it was just like delivery. The bonus is it takes no time to make and uses ingredients I almost always have handy. I’ll definitely be making this again (and trying not to burn some of the excess sauce).

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