Blackened Chicken


It was pretty obvious to me that our smoke detector batteries had died as I was making this chicken.  My kitchen was full of smoke and not a peep from the detector. Thankfully, this doesn’t need to cook for terribly long so  you only need to damage your lungs just a little bit while making this chicken. 🙂 Be sure to turn on your fan (mine pretty much sucks, which didn’t help the situation) and crack some windows if possible, to help air out the kitchen.

I really love the flavor of blackened chicken. It’s just a little spicy, a little smoky. I tend to gravitate toward it in place of plain grilled chicken if I’m getting a salad or pasta dish at a restaurant. The nice thing is, it’s still healthy and flavorful, while being something just a little different than your standard cooked chicken breast.

The secret to blackened chicken is a cast iron skillet. The original recipe calls for this to be finished off in the oven, but I don’t see the point (well, except for less smoke inhalation, I suppose).  On the stovetop, the chicken is cooked to perfection in no time.  This is a flavorful, healthy recipe and a great thing to make when you want something simple and light with minimal work. We had this with some brown rice mixed with lime juice and parsley and some roasted green beans/bell pepper strips.


Blackened Chicken

11 thoughts on “Blackened Chicken

  1. I can just picture you Elly, trying to fan down the smoke! Delicious chicken and I agree about the smokiness of this dish…it adds a wonderful dimension.

  2. Elly, I’ve just recently bought and I’m enjoying the cast iron skillet. The blackenend cooking method is quick, easy and consistent results. I can almost taste that smoky flavour.

  3. I get that effect when I do steaks on my griddle pan, but the end result is so worth it…..The chicken looks so moist and yummee!!!

  4. Try this: Get your skillet super hot in your kitchen and get your grill outside hot as well. After you prep your chicken set it out side next to the grill. Take your skillet out to the grill quickly and carefully then toss the chicken in and once the smoke dies down (should take @ 30 seconds) bring it back in to finish it off. I usually only dust one side with the spice, but if you are into both sides, just flip it when the smoke dies on the first side. Fish and steak are also good this way.

    I know it sound like a lot to go through, but it totally eliminates the smoke-in-your-house factor.

  5. I absolutely love the way you talk about fanning the smoke detector. I don’t feel like people really talk about that but we all know doing it too well 🙂

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