Lighter Orange-Cranberry Muffins


Sometimes when I start a blog post, I already have a story in mind to tell you, or information to give you about the dish, or maybe how I came across a particular ingredient. Sometimes I have absolutely nothing to say whatsoever.  Today would be one of those days.  It is Friday, afterall, and it’s been a long week.  Actually I feel like it’s been a long January.  Am I alone here?

I make healthier muffins all the time, and like experimenting with combinations that still taste good, but don’t have a stick of butter and a cup of sugar in them. So, there is nothing terribly new, or diffierent, or exciting about this post, but I wanted to share a tried & true healthy muffin recipe with you. These muffins have 1/4 cup heart-healthy canola oil, which means just a teaspoon per muffin. They are citrusy and sweet, and that little canola oil and yogurt makes them especially moist for being a lower calorie/fat muffin. You can substitute part of the oil for unsweetened applesauce, which will make them even lower in fat, if you want.


Lighter Orange-Cranberry Muffins

8 thoughts on “Lighter Orange-Cranberry Muffins

  1. Muffins are such an easy way to pile up fat and calories. Before you know it you’ve eaten 15 and all your calories for the day. A lightened up muffin is always a godsend!

  2. I’m definitely on a muffin kick, and I’m planning on making similar muffins tomorrow (but they’re not quite as “light”). I will have to try this recipe sometime too.

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