Chicken Paprikash


There are so many dishes that I’ve heard of frequently, and always mean to try, but somehow never get around to them. As soon as I saw this recipe for Chicken Paprikash in Peter’s blog, Kalofagas, I starred it. Paprikash is precisely one of those things–something I always hear about and know I would love, but have never eaten.

I was confident I would love Peter’s rendition of this dish because in addition to the delicious smoked paprika, it calls for a bay leaf. I love bay. I’m fairly certain you could simmer a jug of Clorox bleach with a bay leaf and I’d find it tasty.

I did use chicken thighs in this recipe instead of chicken breasts because I like the flavor better and they are a little more tender, but of course you could use breasts. The only thing I was missing from this recipe was the green pepper so rather than go out and buy one, I just used frozen tricolored peppers. Also, I’m sure roasted tomatoes are great in this recipe but I had some leftover canned crushed tomatoes from the day prior, so I used that in place of the cherry tomatoes.

Served over some egg noodles (and with a salad), this was a delicious and hearty meal. In fact, it was almost too hearty. This may be the first time neither my husband nor I could finish our dish. We came close. Really close. In fact, I definitely gorged myself because this was good stuff. I absolutely love the way this sauce turned out and this will definitely be made again. Next time, though, I plan to make it when it’s cool out because I think the 90 degree weather we were having the day I made this didn’t really “go” with this comforting, hearty dish. 🙂

Chicken Paprikash

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