Zucchini Rice Gratin


I saw this recipe for zucchini rice gratin a couple weeks ago and it sounded so good. How can you go wrong with roasted vegetables, cheese, and rice? Answer: you can’t.

I’m always looking for new sides and if they do double-duty (starch and veg), even better. I stayed pretty true to the recipe, but cut the amount of oil. I felt like 6.5 Tbsp. was just unnecessary so I basically ended up using less than 1/3 of the oil and it was still great. I modified a few other ingredients slightly, and the process a little, too, to make for a little less pots/cleanup.

The eggs make this really creamy and also set really well. If I weren’t so excited to eat it, I might have actually been able to remove something that resembled more of a slice than a pile of rice and vegetables. 🙂 Tom and I both loved this. The roasted vegetables are so flavorful and the rice is full of creamy, cheesy goodness.

This claims to serve 4-6 but I would definitely lean toward 4. Six would be pushing it. I made this in a round 2 qt. casserole  but as you can see I should have used a shallower pan. I think a deep dish pie plate would be a perfect size for something like this. It’s also a little time-consuming for a side, but in my opinion, it’s worth it, especially since most of the time is inactive.

I served this with a simply seasoned pan-fried pork chop. Gourmet says you can eat this as a main course, and I would tend to agree. I did have the leftovers (and only the leftovers) for lunch the next day. But, if I were serving this as a vegetarian main, I’d probably increase both the amount of rice and maybe add some roasted eggplant to bulk it up a bit.

Update: I have also made this as a main dish, doubling the recipe and adding shredded chicken.

Nutritional Information Per Serving: Calories: 248 / Fat: 13g / Saturated Fat: 4g / Carbs: 22g / Fiber: 2.8g / Protein: 11g  

Zucchini Rice Gratin

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