Black Bean Burgers


First, a little TCB/taking care of business. I’m working on bringing Eat to the Beat back. I think it will be a quarterly thing where I make a deadline every 3 months or so. If you miss that deadline, your entry will just roll over to the next round-up. I’ve just been lazy about posting it, but I promise to do that soon. So, get your thinking caps on! I’m so excited to see everyone’s submissions, so I hope you will all take part!

Now for a little BBB (black bean burger, that is). I admit that it is very, very rare for me to make a dinner that doesn’t have some sort of meat in it. Tom and I are the epitome of carnivores. Even when I make something like spinach pie, I make a piece of grilled chicken (or something) to eat with it. It’s not only about taste and being full, but also making sure I eat enough protein. So, when I told Tom I was making black bean burgers he was (rightfully) perplexed. “On a Thursday?” he asked (assuming the reason had to do with lent, or some other day of the week where people don’t eat meat, I guess).

The truth is, I am trying to use what I have around and well, I always have a can of beans or two around. What I didn’t have around was any thawed meat. I was looking around and saw two recipes from Cooking Light for black bean patties/burgers so I decided to take that idea and adapt both a little for what is below.

These turned out quite tasty. I thought the patties were pretty small and wouldn’t fill me up but I guess the fiber in the beans, mixed with the bun (and the huge salad I had) did because I was stuffed. I topped these with a little salsa, some habanero cheddar (from Whole Foods and oh so tasty) and a dollop of sour cream.

Black Bean Burgers

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