Happy Easter!


I haven’t updated the blog in a while because we have been out of town for Easter. I probably gained about 20 pounds while I was in Michigan, eating my fair share of roasted lamb (unfortunately we could not cook it on the spit, thanks to the insanely cold temperatures), potatoes, spanakopitas, sausages, tsoureki (sweet bread we eat at Easter time), and a million other Greek pastries, cookies, and just plain old junk food.

Rather than flying this time, we rented a car so we were able to bring back some wedding gifts that have been at my dad’s house for practically a year. Some of my soon-to-be-favorite items I brought back were…

My beautiful Kitchen Aid mixer:

Cuisinart breadmaker:

My AllClad 3qt saute pan with lid and 12″ nonstick pan (how have I lived without you?!)

AllClad lasagna pan:

…which I plan to use when I make my first attempt at pastsio, basically the Greek version of lasagna.

Unfortunately this is what I have to work with as far as a pastitsio “recipe” goes.


Thanks, grandma! I’m not sure what to laugh at more; the fact that there is no ingredient list, the fact that there are some English words written in Greek (like a “stik” of butter), or that at the bottom of this it says “good luck.”

I will experiment this weekend, I guess!

The next couple of weeks will probably be a slow time for the blog. We are moving at the end of April so I will be doing a lot of cooking out the freezer/pantry. I’m hoping to not have to transport much in the way of food.

Happy Easter!

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