Makin’ manestra


“Manestra” is basically the Greek word for orzo. Usually when you say you are eating manestra, though, it means orzo cooked with some sort of meat on the stovetop. It can be made with chicken (and I definitely recommend it be a dark meat, bone-in), lamb, or beef. “Youvetsi,” on the other hand, is typically a cut of lamb with orzo that is made in the oven instead of a stovetop.

Last night we had manestra with beef or “kreas.” We usually have this with chicken, so this is a nice change. The ingredients are really simple and things I always have around, so this often tends to be an end-of-the-grocery-cycle meal


Makin’ manestra

3 thoughts on “Makin’ manestra

  1. this is the first recipe of yours that I ever made, and since then I’ve been a loyal follower. I really love your blog! I just started my own and added yours to my list of favorites 🙂

  2. Thank you very much for this recipe! I was starting to despair of ever finding an orzo recipe I liked, but I am looking forward to making this one again!

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