Beef Stew


This is one of those dishes I love experimenting with, be it changing up the ingredients, or cooking it in a crockpot versus an oven. The recipe below can easily be put in the oven instead of a crockpot. I just like the ease of the crockpot, and that I don’t have to be home while it cooks. While this takes a lot more prep than a normal slowcooker meal, if I am making this on a weekday where I have to be at work, I do all the prep (vegetable cutting, getting my herbs ready, putting flour in the bag, etc.) the night  before, which makes it go more quickly. If you like a more tomato-y stew, you could throw in a can of diced tomatoes. I used to make this without tomato paste but realized even adding a tablespoon or two really added some depth of flavor, so I do that, now. But, I’ve  never been one for a very tomato-y beef stew.

I used to just add red wine to the stew, but now I marinate the beef in wine, too (a tip I picked up from Ina). It’s not necessary, but I do like the additional flavor it imparts. If you make this in the oven, cook it in a covered dutch oven at 275-300* for about 2 hours. Stir the frozen peas in at the end, the same way you would for the crockpot version.

The version below yields a big batch. It fills my 6 qt. slowcooker to the brim, so if you are making the full recipe, make sure your slowcooker is at least 6 qts.


Beef Stew

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