Green Chile Cheeseburgers


There are plenty of things I didn’t like or didn’t give a chance to when I was a kid, but the two that stick out most are beans and peppers. At a restaurant, everything ordered would need to have these omitted. Mexican food? Double rice and don’t even bother with anything but the meat for the fajitas. Sandwiches or pizza? Keep your peppers to yourself. And with anything at home, these would be pushed to the side or never added to my plate to begin with. I don’t even know that I tried these things. I just decided I didn’t like them.

It’s funny because I love love LOVE these things now. I posted a picture of charred Anaheim and poblano pictures to Instagram recently and titled it “my BFFs” because they kind of are. I am pepper-obsessed, especially when it comes to green chiles. We started a small garden this year but you better believe it still contained poblanos and jalapeños.

Obviously, I adored these burgers. They reminded me a lot of my other potentially favorite (or at least top 3) burgers, these queso fundido ones. These use peppers that are a little spicier (Anaheim vs. poblano) and don’t have chorizo, but otherwise they’re very similar and both ridiculously delicious.

These are in a grilling cookbook, but you can definitely make them indoors. The chiles can be charred directly on the gas flame of your range, or under the broiler. I like to use a cast iron skillet when cooking burgers indoors. Illinois doesn’t actually want us to do much grilling out this year, as evidenced by the nonstop rain we’ve been receiving since Memorial Day, so contingency plans are key.

Green Chile Cheeseburgers

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