Spring Salad


You know how a lot of times you’re looking to add something to your menu/party, and often you go with “a green salad” because it’s lighter, and you don’t have to think about it, and it goes with pretty much everything? Well, nothing is more truly a green salad than this one.

This simple salad is from my new BFF Yotam and it’s perfect for spring. We’re growing green beans and spinach (just harvested our first batch!) so it’s really perfect for us. All you do is blanch vegetables, make a dressing, and you’re done. I staggered my vegetables using a big pot so I wouldn’t have to keep pulling them out before adding new ones, and that worked just fine (I will always look out for you when it comes to doing less work. ;-))

You know that I like a more acidic dressing, so I did bring the lemon juice up a bit. Unfortunately my store didn’t carry nigella seeds, and I didn’t really feel like going on a hunt for them. This is the second recipe I’ve wanted to use them in, so I plan to just buy some online to make sure I have them on hand for the next time. This time around, I just omitted them.

In my son’s ever-changing list of “favorite vegetables” you can now put broad beans/fava at the top of the list – until next week when something replaces it, I’m sure.

Spring Salad

2 thoughts on “Spring Salad

  1. I’m looking for a salad to sort of detox from an absurd amount of eating I did over the past five days..and I think this may be it! All that green just makes me happy.

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