Lighter Chicken Florentine



I eat the same thing (or a very close approximation) for breakfast, morning snack, and afternoon snack 5 times a week. It doesn’t bother me at all. I never get bored. But dinner? For some reason, I can’t make the same dinners frequently or have any sort of “rotation.” It’s a mixture of boredom and wanting to try so many things. Cookbooks, bookmarks, Pinterest, and Pocket things. Still, we eat a lot of chicken. Chicken breast will never be our favorite thing (to be sure, Zachary has a “favorite proteins” list he updates very frequently, but chicken has never topped the list), but it’s healthy, it’s fast, and it’s highly adaptable. So it gets made a lot. In many different forms.

This is a dish we’ve made a couple of times now and really enjoyed. It’s a lighter version of Florentine, using a mere 2 tablespoons of cream vs. a cup or so. But the sauce is still flavorful and luxurious, thanks to being reduced down, and a dose of lemon zest and juice. The chicken is perfectly cooked, the spinach done but not overdone.

I feel like pasta is the go-to accompaniment for chicken Florentine, but we had this with baked brown rice, which I thought was perfect. Plus, with the vegetables in the rice and the spinach in the chicken, there was no need to make a third dish/veggie side. Score!

You’re supposed to put the chicken into a baking dish, but I saw no need to get something else dirty, so I just continued to use the skillet I’d been using for the rest of the dish.  If you’re anything like me, you’ll want to replace the water in the dish with more broth, but don’t. The broth/water mixture reduces for a while, so it will get plenty salty on its own and doesn’t need that extra oomph of salt/flavor that I feel like a lot of ATK recipes could benefit from (and often take the initiative to change myself). I used a low-sodium broth (also recommended) and didn’t need to add any salt to the finished sauce.

Lighter Chicken Florentine

5 thoughts on “Lighter Chicken Florentine

  1. I remember when I first went veg, my mom just kept saying…but don’t you even want chicken? And I was like…uhhhh no. If there was any meat I was going to miss, it wasn’t going to be that! But you’ve done a great job with it in this Florentine!

  2. I made this tonight. The perfect blend of favors. I was tempted to skip the broiler stage but I’m glad I didn’t. Delicious!

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