Slow Cooker Carne Adovada Cemitas


Meal planning has been really difficult for me lately. It’s just been…annoying. I get into these funks from time to time and they can be really hard to snap out of.  I’m the one who plans all the meals and makes the grocery list, and you’d think it should be easy because I (typically) enjoy cooking and my family is not picky, but it isn’t. It can take me ages to decide on a meal, and then I end up at the grocery store three times that week because I’ve managed to mess up the list or realize I’m out of a “staple” too late. I actually cleaned and organized my pantry recently and made a spreadsheet of everything in it (DORK ALERT) to help out (and also so that when I’m sitting on the couch making these lists I don’t need to, you know, get up and check our stock).

A couple weeks ago, I took a few cookbooks and went into the kids’ playroom and asked Zachary if he wanted to help. The first book he chose to flip through was The New Southwest. When he came to these sandwiches, he said, “I want to have these next week.” A quick scan of the ingredient list confirmed we would love these, and then seeing they were made in a slow cooker sealed the deal. One meal down!

These sandwiches are made with shredded pork that has a double-spice effect: a little heat (from the New Mexico chiles, which are not overtly spicy) and Mexican canela or cinnamon. They’re topped with cheese (any kind you want to use will work, really) and creamy avocado. Served on a bun, they’re a welcome change from your standard pulled pork recipe, and one our entire family enjoyed.  I actually made a similarly-spiced pork dish a few months back that was cooked with hominy instead of made into a sandwich, and although we liked it, I really think this version blew it out of the water. So even if I decide to go the non-sandwich route next time, I plan on using this recipe for the meat.

I will say that although the prep for the slow-cooking part of this is basically non-existent there is some work to be done after. You need to make a sauce, and then simmer the shredded pork in the sauce for about 20 minutes. I decided to make the sauce the day before and just refrigerated it right in the medium stockpot I used to make it, where the shredded pork went the following day. As it simmered to thicken, I of course did very important things like changing out of my work clothes, because if I cannot be in yoga pants at home, then what’s the point of even being at home?

Slow Cooker Carne Adovada Cemitas

7 thoughts on “Slow Cooker Carne Adovada Cemitas

  1. Good job enlisting the kiddo in menu planning help! I mean, that’s what he’s there for, right? These sound so tasty. I love everything I’ve ever made from Scarletta Bakes!

  2. Wonderful and honest post – meal planning, shopping, preparation – even though we love doing it for our families – some days really is a challenge. Go Zachary for picking this!

  3. Zachary did a great job. So what did he think of his choice after you fixed it? You know that small gesture gave him a sense of having a little power in the family. Yes all the planning and shopping gets tiresome after a while. I am still amazed at your great idea involving you kids. Such a creative idea.

    1. Happy to help, Amanda. I didn’t used to use the slow cooker much, but now it’s VERY handy. It can be hard finding recipes without processed ingredients, too. Enjoy the pork!

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