Strawberry-Balsamic Marinated Chicken


Yesterday I threw a handful of pineapple into our dinner and today I bring you a marinade with strawberries. Guys, I will kick my aversion to fruit-meat combos yet!

To be fair, it’s pretty hard not to like strawberries and balsamic vinegar together, though (or, not to like anything with balsamic vinegar).

This is yet another marinade recipe (we are on a marinade kick, I still have another coming!) that is easy and a total winner. Because the marinade is so good, I reserved nearly half of it so I could brush the chicken with it as it was cooking/after it cooked. You could also reduce the sauce and just spoon it over the chicken, like Jey did.

I especially like rosemary with balsamic and strawberries, so I went ahead and added that to this marinade, too. We had these with roasted fingerling potatoes (my obsession) and zucchini, both of which I roasted since I was cooking this indoors. Of course, if you grill the chicken, your grilled veggie possibilities are endless—and might I suggest that you make foil packet potatoes with bacon? 🙂

Strawberry-Balsamic Marinated Chicken

8 thoughts on “Strawberry-Balsamic Marinated Chicken

  1. I’m so glad I’m the only person who doesn’t love fruit and meat together! It seems like it’s everywhere these days – I don’t think I’ve seen a salsa recipe in months that doesn’t have mango or watermelon or peaches in it.

    This does sound like a good combination though. I cut strawberries some slack for savory recipes, probably just because they’re so damn delicious that they can’t make anything bad.

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