Crusty Black Bean & Chorizo Subs (Tortas)


It should come as absolutely no surprise that Zachary is a huge fan of Mexican food, given how much of it we eat (and Ian is already following closely in his footsteps). Last night we were eating tacos and guacamole salad and after he finished his meal in 2.5 seconds, I told him he should open a Mexican restaurant when he gets older, implying that he can own it/cook there. Of course he took it to mean something else entirely and said, “Yeah, so I can eat all the Mexican food!”

So, it should also come as no shock whatsoever that he loves Mexican sandwiches, which combine two of his favorite food groups. And who can blame him? We love them, too.

This time around, we tried a version of chorizo and black bean subs from the always-popular Mexican Everyday. They’re a quick and easy meal using some of my favorite ingredients (chorizo! goat cheese!) and a winner all around. These are more bean-heavy than sausage-heavy so they are also good if you’re trying to cut down a little on your meat intake but not get rid of it all together (though you could certainly make these just with seasoned beans).

I’ve made other versions of tortas before and never blogged them, but one of my favorites is with chicken that has been cooking in tomatillo salsa (crockpot FTW!) with a more-mashed-version of these black beans. Of course, tortas are infinitely adaptable just like tacos, so feel free to experiment (and then tell me your favorite combination, so I can eat more tortas).


Crusty Black Bean & Chorizo Subs (Tortas)

8 thoughts on “Crusty Black Bean & Chorizo Subs (Tortas)

  1. Well I do hope Zachary someday DOES open up a fabulous Mexican restaurant, so I can go eat there! Maybe it will be a family venture? 😛

    Love the sound of these subs. I’m generally not too excited about sandwiches, but these sound pretty dang good.

  2. I have been to make these, Elly, and I love the guac popping out of the center! Definitely going on the menu for next week!

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