Asparagus and Prosciutto Toasts


Oh, asparagus. Why must you come and go in the blink of an eye? How am I supposed to make all the things I want when you are here for such a seemingly short time? I guess I just have to go on an asparagus-eating rampage and make everything I have bookmarked (and the annual favorite, asparagus pancetta hash, of course).

You’ve no doubt seen the famous prosciutto-wrapped asparagus appetizer online or at many a party. Personally, I love it, so it was no surprise I saved this recipe as soon as I saw it. You get the great asparagus-prosciutto combination with the added deliciousness of bread (which also makes it easier to eat and appropriate for a light lunch). The lemon adds brightness and makes this even more undeniably springlike.

We decided to have these toasts for a weekend lunch, and what a nice change of pace they were. We’re admittedly boring when it comes to weekend lunches and generally default to eggs or cold cut sandwiches. I was wondering how Z would like these – he eats 99.9% of what we put in front of him and anything under the general categorical umbrella “food” but he can be a bit of a sandwich purist. This mostly means he doesn’t want a lot on a sandwich, or wants to eat the components separately. But, he loved these (and requested thirds). Ian didn’t eat the prosciutto (I *try* to limit salty stuff at this age so he only has things  like that occasionally) but enjoyed the puree both on toast and on its own.

So tell me, is there an asparagus recipe you love that I must make IMMEDIATELY?

Asparagus and Prosciutto Toasts

5 thoughts on “Asparagus and Prosciutto Toasts

  1. You had me at prosciutto.

    I love asparagus in risotto, but my all time favorite way to eat it is seasoned, and brushed with lemon, garlic and butter and thrown on the grill.

  2. It does seem like there is a little desperation to eat as much asparagus when it’s in season, doesn’t it. I am loving this idea though, I’ve never pureed it before, but it sounds really good. Def gonna try this before asparagus go away again ; ) Pinned

  3. Love the idea of purring asparagus for something a little different… sounds so yummy! I’ve been going asparagus crazy, too. Our favorite has been roasted, tossed with ricotta gnocchi and a lemon butter sauce. We can’t get enough!

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