Pineapple Fried Rice


This rice, alongside the Hawaiian-marinated chicken, was a favorite dinner of mine as of late. It was quick, healthy, and a nice change from the standard “comfort” and hearty foods we’ve been eating so much of during this endless winter. It gives me some hope that maaaaaaaaaybe spring is coming soon. (Yesterday’s snowfall during the first day of spring, though, not so much.)

I mentioned earlier that we’ve been eating too much white rice lately, in part because brown rice takes too long to cook for us during a weekday. But fried brown rice is easy to achieve during the week, because you can just cook the rice the night before, since cold rice is ideal. Then, making the actual dish is really fast.

This particular fried rice has a little island-y feel to it thanks to the pineapple. It’s nice and colorful from the peppers and it just tastes great. You really can never go wrong with ginger and garlic, right? The soy sauce adds a nice salty balance to the sweet pineapple and you get a little deep, toasty flavor from the sesame seed oil. This was a hit with everyone (even Ian, who enjoyed his portion soy sauce-less :)).

Pineapple Fried Rice

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  1. Snow is in our forecast for next week, so yeah. So much for spring. But I’m still craving lighter meals, regardless, and this fried rice sounds excellent! I love the bites of juicy pineapple in it.

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