Muhammara Kabobs



Remember many moons ago when I said you would hear from me on how to incorporate muhammara into kabobs? And then I forgot (even though fittingly, in that very post, I discussed my terrible memory)? Welllll. I finally remembered!

These kabobs have the standard Middle Eastern flavors of warm spices and parsley, much like these kafta kabobs, but they also incorporate muhammara, which is a red pepper-walnut spread for a little extra punch. They are incredibly easy to prepare and cook very quickly, making them really easy for a weeknight (assuming you already have the muhammara made). You can eat them as-is or dress them with some tahini, tzatziki, labneh, or anything else you wish. I love serving Lebanese and Lebanese-ish meals with fattoush on the side, and considering my husband requests fattoush at least once a month, I think he’s on board with that idea, too.

I’ve baked as well as pan-fried these, but you can also grill them if you want to brush a foot of snow off your grill. Although I haven’t tried it, I imagine broiling these would also be great.

Muhammara Kabobs

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  1. Adding the muhammara must add such a nice punch of flavor! It’s one of my favorite dips, so I love seeing it integrated into other recipes.

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