Caramel Shortbread Bars


Today, bloggers everywhere will be posting roundups of 65235 healthy recipes, resolutions, low calorie dinners, and less-guilt snack options. But me? I’m posting these incredibly rich chocolate caramel bars. Because, you know, you don’t want to shock your system *too* much after all the holiday eating…

These bars start with a layer of shortbread and are then topped with chewy caramel, chocolate, and a sprinkling of salt. In other words, they are ridiculously delicious. And also ridiculously rich. You’ll probably want to cut them in small pieces, which will make for about a million pieces. But, they’re great for giving away or freezing, and they should last a while as-is, too. Unless you keep sneaking a piece from the fridge because they’re just so small that it’s okay to take a few in a day. (I wouldn’t know anything about that.)

This was my first time making caramel with condensed milk (well, let’s be real. This is my first time making caramel that actually worked and didn’t burn or do something else). ¬†I’d actually taken the day off to do some baking and finish up my Christmas shopping, but then Ian woke up with a fever, which meant he had to stay home. Making these with a sick, mobile baby who is in the throes of separation anxiety was perhaps not my best idea. An empty box, a ladle, and whatever else I could toss to him while I was stirring helped for a little bit. Thankfully, making the caramel is the most time consuming part and everything else comes together pretty quickly and easily.

I might increase the shortbread layer by just a bit the next time around. I think it would also be good with a splash of vanilla but then, I add vanilla to everything, so that’s not surprising. ūüôā

I wish you all an incredible new year, and I hope 2014 brings you much happiness and joy. And good food. Lots and lots of good food.

Caramel Shortbread Bars

5 thoughts on “Caramel Shortbread Bars

  1. I am so trying, like so trying hard to be good during the carb-craving winter months where all I want to eat is pasta or pizza for dinner then caramel anything for dessert.
    You have NO idea how much I want these!

  2. I made these a while ago and they were definite favorites. And I agree with you about not shocking your system too much! I refuse to give up dessert entirely for just that reason. ūüėõ

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