Lighter Chicken Tetrazzini


I *think* Ian is getting better with this whole dairy thing. It’s always hard to tell – did he have a fussy night because he is going through a terrible Wonder Week? Because he’s sick? Or because that bowl of French onion soup really did him in? Although I can’t be sure, I’m pretty confident things are getting to the point where I can at least enjoy some cheese. And thank goodness,because, man, have I missed cheese.

This is one of those recipes I used to ease into cheese, if you will. There’s only 3 oz. of cream cheese (and some Parmesan) over about 6 servings. The nice thing about this recipe using cream cheese is that it’s in place of the cream of ___ soups that are so prevalent in tetrazzini recipes. So, you still get that creamy sauce without any random ingredients. Plus, this is a lightened up version of the classic, but still tastes great.

Although there are a few different components of this recipe, it still comes together pretty quickly and is easy to prep. The bake time is not high, so you can have a meal on the table in about an hour (it doesn’t really take that long to prep/bake but there is some inactive time with the chicken marinating). I was skeptical about a mere 5 oz. of pasta and 12 oz. of chicken being enough for 6 servings, but this is quite filling, so that’s pretty accurate. We had it for two meals, but one of us is a toddler with smaller portions (although, not by much these days).

Lighter Chicken Tetrazzini

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