Muhammara (Red Bell Pepper-Walnut Dip)



Update since my last post: still no computer, kids are still cute, no house has been purchased, and I’m caught up with Breaking Bad (and reading all the theories on the internet as though I’m taking a class on it). And blogging has still been tough. Lack of computer and busyness aside, I’ve been pretty unmotivated, and the demise of Google Reader is not helping anyone. I had like a million recipes starred that are either lost or unsearchable (unless I want to pay $45 to search on Feedly, which, uh, no thanks). My friend Courtney, though, has just written a post that will help you import your starred items into a searchable platform, assuming you still have your Takeout file. Yay!

Anyway, since I haven’t had an easy way to sift through my favorites lately, I’ve had to rely on my memory for things I’ve saved (not the best tool for the woman who is constantly forgetting her keys and phone, and losing miserably to her 3 year old in Memory). Muhammara was one of those things. It’s a Syrian/Lebanese red bell pepper mixture. You can eat it as a spread, a dip, or mix it with some meat before cooking (more on that soon!)

It’s very reminiscent of romesco, in that it’s a red pepper-nut mixture, and is similar in texture to a thick pesto.  It’s incredibly easy to make, versatile, and, of course, quite tasty. There’s not much more to say about it, other than it’s a great addition to your appetizer spread (or wrap) and a nice change from your typical dips. The version below is mild, so if you want a spicier version, increase the chili paste or add some red pepper flakes.

Muhammara (Red Bell Pepper-Walnut Dip)

6 thoughts on “Muhammara (Red Bell Pepper-Walnut Dip)

  1. I didn’t have many starred items in google reader because I pinned almost everything, but I can’t imagine being without pinterest…I be so lost! So I guess that’s kind of the same thing?

    Muhammara is one of my favorite middle eastern dips! I’ve never made it myself, just eaten it in restaurants. It sounds so richly flavored.

  2. I’m certain most of your other readers would be appalled to see me write: “Selfishly, I’m glad it’s taken you a long time to find a new place.” But good neighbors are SOOO hard to find and we will miss you when you leave. 🙂

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