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I have the world’s most un-picky toddler (at least, when it comes to food), and for that I am thankful.  I’d like to think I had something to do with it, but I guess I can’t take all the credit. This weekend, my dad (one of the world’s most picky eaters) and stepmom came to visit and we went out to eat a couple of times. Each time, to no one’s surprise, Zachary cleaned his plate. The weekend before, my aunt and uncle were here and watched him devour calamari, tentacled pieces and all. And a few days before that, we went to lunch and rather than order from the kid’s menu, Zachary decided he wanted a fish taco.

There’s nothing this kid doesn’t eat. It took him 3 years to warm up to eggs and mashed potatoes, but now he likes those too. I asked him to tell pappou (grandpa) a food he didn’t like, and he said, “No foods! I like ALL kinds of food!” I love it, but ask me again when he’s 13 and eating me out of house and home. If Ian eats similarly (signs point to him doing so), we’ll need second and third jobs just to pay for their food.

It’s a rare night when Z tries something new. At this age, I feel like we’ve tried pretty much everything. But edamame? That was a new one for him.  And he really liked it. And so did we! I will admit to only having edamame a couple times myself. I pinned this recipe many moons ago but wanted to wait until corn and tomatoes were in season to make it. It was such a light, fresh side dish, and so easy to put together. The most time consuming part? The chopping. The most difficult part? Making sure your 3 year old doesn’t get his hand cut off when he reaches up to the cutting board to eat the corn you’re trying to cut off the cob.

There’s only one slice of bacon in here (typical for a Cooking Light recipe) but I was surprised at how much the flavor of it came through. The dish is bright and tasty and is versatile enough to pair well with many main courses. Plus, in addition to getting all the nutrition from the vegetables, you even get a little protein boost from the edamame. Win-win.

Edamame Succotash

6 thoughts on “Edamame Succotash

  1. My guy loves edamame. We keep frozen packs in the freezer and he just eats them frozen! It’s a good time consuming snack for when I’m busy.

  2. I’m going to be begging your for tips on turning kids into good eaters when I have them! It’s amazing!

    I am a big fan of edamame and succotash! I think I’ve made succotash three times this summer…fourth one’s a charm!

  3. I made this on friday. Followed to a t. It was perfect, crunchy, great tasting side dish. Even kids ate it (with a lil encouragement). thanks elly

  4. Jealous of your little man’s palate! Wish my son were as adventurous. This succotash looks like the dish that’s at Whole Foods take out counter, one of my favorite sides.

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