Coconut Milk Pancakes


Breakfast for dinner (“brinner”) used to be a rarity, but if you pay any attention to our meal plan on the sidebar, you’ll have noticed that it comes into play a LOT lately. It’s just so quick and easy, can often be made meatless or with very little meat, and everyone enjoys it. So while the idea of breakfast for dinner may not elicit as much excitement as before (except from Zachary, who is always excited for pancakes – then again, he is always just excited for food in general), it’s always great to find a new recipe for the rotation.

Enter these pancakes. These are some of the fluffiest pancakes I’ve ever made, and easily rival my standby recipe, despite being dairy free. I made these twice in two weeks and I’m sure I’ll make them plenty more times. I added some shredded coconut to the original recipe (and topped it with a little toasted coconut) but without those changes these aren’t overtly coconut-y and could easily be a basic recipe you use for mix ins. Or, just keep the coconut and add some slivered almonds & chocolate chips to make almond joy pancakes. Hey, you’re already having breakfast for dinner – might as well have dessert for dinner, too.

Coconut Milk Pancakes

  • Oh heck yeah.
    Those look yum!

  • Mmm. I wish I had some of these now!!!

  • These look perfect! Lovely recipe!

  • We’ve been doing breakfast for dinner almost once a week too. But nothing as exciting as pancakes, let alone coconut pancakes!

  • I love coconut – I definitely have to try these soon!

  • I am seriously in awe of the fluffiness here. My pancakes never look that good!

    And I totally agree…if you’re going to be having breakfast for dinner, you might as well turn it into dessert. 😛

  • Beautiful pancakes! and they look so easy to make too. I’m loving the idea.

  • oh wow! i love coconut and find pancakes pretty boring – looks like i must try these to bring pancakes into the spotlight!