Tequila-Lime Chicken with Mexican Black Bean Sauce



You can probably tell from reading this blog that I have a pretty informal writing style, and that if you were to talk to me in person, I would sound…well, pretty much the same. I don’t really do formulaic blog posts (or, if I do, they’re not intentional), and whenever I don’t feel like writing, I simply don’t post. I never want this blog to become more of a chore than a fun hobby.

That said, even as a fun hobby with typically quickly written and colloquial posts, I get writer’s block. I’ve never been one to think I need to tell a story with every post, or be super interesting or anything, but sometimes I have a hard time saying anything other than, “I made this meal. It was good. If you want to make it, here’s the recipe” (which, if I’m being honest, does sound quite a bit like my blog posts from the first  year or so).

The truth is, sometimes that’s all there is to say.

So –

I made this meal. I’ve been wanting to make Ina’s tequila-lime chicken for years and though I’ve made countless of-the-cuff marinades that are similar, I’d never used an actual recipe. Plus, it’s just the time of year for grilled chicken, isn’t it? As for the black bean sauce, I just loved the sound of it and it seemed like it would be a good fit for this chicken.  Something to boost the heartiness and fiber a bit, and still complement the chicken without being too heavy.

It was good. We eat a fair amount of chicken at home and while I pretty much never order chicken in restaurants, the truth is, I do actually like it quite a bit and could probably eat some sort of marinated/spiced grilled chicken on a very regular basis. The citrus in this chicken is flavorful and summery and there is just a little hint of spice.  The black bean sauce pairs really well with it and since we had it with some cilantro-lime rice, the meal was almost like eating a burrito bowl. The three of us were all fans of this meal. By the way, if you’re looking for another use for the black bean sauce (or if you cook less chicken and have extra), the chicken fajita pizza from Jessica’s blog is mighty tasty!

If you want to make it, here’s the recipe:

Tequila-Lime Chicken with Mexican Black Bean Sauce