Spaghetti Pie


I mentioned before that I had some odd cravings during my pregnancy, and baked spaghetti was one of them. What made it especially odd is that up until that point, I’d only had it once in my life. Even stranger, at the height of this craving, we visited my in-laws and my mother-in-law made baked spaghetti (without knowing of my craving). Score!

Spaghetti pie or baked spaghetti is pretty similar to baked ziti, but it uses cream cheese in addition to all the other cheeses (and obviously spaghetti in place of ziti).  I made this meal during my pregnancy and liked it so much that I made it again shortly after Ian was  born (and before finding out that he couldn’t handle his dairy quite as well as I could :P). I’ve made it with both cottage cheese and ricotta. I’m not a huge cottage cheese fan, but I find it works well enough in baked pasta dishes. I happened to have half a container of leftover ricotta the second time I made this and since I prefer the flavor, I used it instead. You can use whichever you choose.

Even with a homemade sauce, this meal doesn’t take much time to make. I don’t have a problem making the sauce while the water boils and pasta cooks (although admittedly, it seems to take approximately 1 week to boil a large pot of water on my range).  That said, this can be assembled one night and baked the next. The recipe makes extra sauce to spoon on top of each piece, which is especially nice if you’re assembling ahead of time because you don’t need to worry about the pieces being too dry.

I don’t have a very picky toddler (thankfully), so I know it doesn’t always mean much when I say Zachary loved something, but I can pretty much guarantee this meal will please the whole family. It’s hard to go wrong with pasta and copious amounts of cheese. And the leftovers are great, too!

Spaghetti Pie

8 thoughts on “Spaghetti Pie

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    1. Ugh, yes. Every time I think it’s gone, it comes back. I have someone working on it. So annoying. 🙁

  2. I love this stuff.
    I am off carbs, mainly pasta, for a long time.
    But I fondly remember making something similar like this and LOVING the cold leftovers with a fried egg.

  3. I attempted a spaghetti pie recently and it was a totally flop, so I’m going to have to try this version! I used to get it all the time at an Italian deli when I was a kid but haven’t had it in ages. It’s really so good!

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