Chorizo and Romesco Burgers with Manchego Cheese


Burgers are always a hit in this house. Not only are they endlessly adaptable, but they’re incredibly quick to make, which is a working mom’s (or at least this working mom’s) priority. In fact, today is Zachary’s birthday (how did my kid turn THREE?) and he asked for burgers for dinner, which is sort of unexpected and crazy, if you’re aware of his love for quesadillas—the kind of love that has him ordering a quesadilla immediately upon sitting down at a restaurant, to the busser who brings out water.

These Spanish-style burgers are a great change-up from your typical burger, and really don’t take much more time to make. Chorizo is mixed into the patties, giving them tons of flavor, and then they’re topped with one of my favorite cheese ever and a fresh romesco sauce. The romesco takes just a minute to make, especially if you used jarred peppers, and your food processor does all the work for you. Dinner is on the table in 15 minutes (particularly if you’re like me and mail it in with store bought chips :)). And, of course, the best part is that we all really enjoyed dinner!

Chorizo and Romesco Burgers with Manchego Cheese

13 thoughts on “Chorizo and Romesco Burgers with Manchego Cheese

    1. Kate, check out the queso fundido burgers (currently in the sidebar for this week’s menu). They have chorizo in them too and we looove them.

  1. Happy birthday to Zachary!! TIme really does fly…

    I love the idea of putting romesco sauce on a burger…it’s almost like a pizza burger but with a Spanish twist!

  2. These sound so absolutely wonderful, and I just happened to see Manchego cheese turn up in my local store. I think it’s an omen! 🙂

  3. This sounds amazing! I haven’t ever cooked with chorizo before, so I have a question. Why does it need to be cooked before the beef? Thank you.

    1. Beth, I tend to like my pork more fully cooked than burgers, so I just like making sure it’s totally cooked before mixing it in.

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