Chicken Egg Rolls



Egg rolls are sort of a magical thing. They take things that aren’t terribly exciting on their own, like shredded vegetables, and make them fabulous. Thanks, in large part, to some hot oil. 🙂 I’m a big egg roll fan. One of our favorite Chinese delivery places comes with free egg rolls if you spend a certain amount, which we do, and I always get them – even though Tom is not the biggest egg roll fan. He’d prefer the crab rangoon instead—but since I always have to do the ordering, I win.

I never really considered making egg rolls at home, at least not a fried version, because I actually really hate frying things (well, and rolling things with filling, too). I have a couple of really unattractive grease scars on my arms that prove how much I hate frying things, in fact. When I made these, I baked half of them and then froze the rest. The baked versions are delicious (and safer, if  you’re a clutz like me), so don’t be hesitant if you’re trying to cut some calories. But, of course, the fried counterparts of baked items trump them about 99% of the time, so on Super Bowl Sunday, the other half of the batch got fried. And without injury, I’d like to add.

I had ground chicken in the fridge, so I just decided to use that rather than breasts. I didn’t marinate it, instead just adding the ingredients from the marinade as I was cooking the chicken/vegetables. I also added some ginger and used a coleslaw mix for the most of the veggies, out of laziness (and less potential waste). These are delicious, and also freeze well (I took them out of the freezer and placed them in the fridge earlier in the day, to thaw a little).  Definitely give them a try on one of your take out-fake out nights!

Chicken Egg Rolls

4 thoughts on “Chicken Egg Rolls

  1. I am also a total scaredy cat when it comes to frying! Compound that with being a health nut, and it rarely happens around here. But these do seem worth it…and they are a vehicle for veggie consumption!

  2. Now I can’t wait to try them baked – that’s a quick and easy lunch or dinner to have in the freezer!

    Yours looks fabulous, I actually like the idea of ground chicken. They are great with ground pork as well. Glad you guys enjoyed them 🙂

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