Roasted Sweet Potato and Chorizo Lettuce Wraps


For the longest time, I (thought I) didn’t like sweet potatoes. It really had more to do with common preparations—like dousing them in everything from brown sugar to cinnamon to marshmallows—that turned me off. When made savory, I actually love sweet potatoes, and that probably holds truest in Tex-Mex type meals. I am also a firm believer that chorizo makes just about everything better, which is why I pinned these wraps so long ago. And I’m so sad it took me this long to make this meal, because it was pretty awesome.

I loved these. Loved them. The only bad thing was that they were *really* messy, but a lot of that has to do with the lettuce we used, which didn’t make particularly good wraps (blame it on my grocery store, which has a million bizarre and harder to find produce items, but not much in the way of lettuce varietals).  I’m not normally a lettuce wrap kinda gal, but I really like it in this application because you already have the starchy potatoes. I see a lot of sweet potato burrito recipes and, while they sound good, it also sort of sounds like carb overload. These strike a nice balance.

Rather than serve these with the cilantro cream sauce (because, as you probably know, I hate cilantro), I made the same avocado cream sauce I use with my black bean patties (which, as a bonus, Zachary will shovel into his mouth like any ol’ yogurt). This complemented the wraps beautifully—a nice, bright counterpart to the slightly spicy filling. We had some leftover goat cheese so half the wraps got the goat cheese treatment and the other half the feta treatment. Personally, I was a bigger fan of the goat cheese, I think, but both work really well. All the components of this dish make it a little spicy, a little sweet, a little salty, a little crispy, and a lot of awesome.

Roasted Sweet Potato and Chorizo Lettuce Wraps

12 thoughts on “Roasted Sweet Potato and Chorizo Lettuce Wraps

  1. So happy you liked these! I had the same experience with sweet potatoes. Not a fan of all the brown sugar and marshmallows. 🙂 Thanks for linking up!

  2. I pinned these from Natalie forever ago also! And also spent most of my life thinking I hate sweet potatoes…but how wrong I was. The mix of sweet and spicy in these must be fabulous!

  3. I hadn’t really thought of putting the two together, but I see no reason why sweet potato and chorizo wouldn’t be the best of friends. I agree on the sweet potato burrito comment, I love myself a carb, but too much carb on carb can be a bad thing. Lettuce wraps were a smart idea!

  4. I can’t imagine anything with sweet potatoes, chorizo, and avocado would be less than amazing! I love when you post recipes like this because we are so on the same wavelength here. Except for the cilantro. I love me some cilantro.

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