Garlic-Rosemary Roast Chicken


I’d like to say I’m wise for my age but, really, the only thing “old” about me (other than my early bedtime) is my memory. It’s awful. Truly, truly awful. And if it weren’t bad enough to begin with, pregnancy makes it even worse. I swear, pregnancy brain is a real thing, and it’s terrible. Anyway, the reason I’m telling you this is that we’ve had a small chicken in our freezer for ages. You’d think, with it being a whole chicken and all, I’d notice it from time to time and actually remember to stick it on the menu one of these days, but nope. Or, sometimes I WOULD plan to make it, and then forget to take it out to thaw.

But, this little bird finally got made recently. I needed rosemary for a meal, and since I can never make it through an entire rosemary bunch, I sought out some recipes. Annie recommended this one to me. And then I was like, “THERE IS ALREADY A CHICKEN IN MY FREEZER!”

Roasted chicken is one of my favorite things. I grew up eating it easily once a week and I truly wouldn’t have an issue doing the same now. This particular roast chicken is very reminiscent of the kind with 40 cloves of garlic, but, like I mentioned, it’s made with rosemary—which I really adore with chicken. This was actually the first time I’ve ever brined a chicken and it was really great. I’ll admit to already noticing a huge difference in both the tenderness and taste of our chicken since switching to a local rancher, but I also know that the brining definitely seemed to help with keeping this even more moist than usual. Of course, to make sure this happens, you have to be sure you don’t overcook your chicken.

In addition to the standard size, our rancher also provides smaller chickens, of about 2.5 lbs. which is what I used, so while I adjusted my cooking time a bit, I’m leaving the original recipe below.  Roast chickens always go over well with this family, and this one was certainly no different. The chicken was packed with flavor and the roasted garlic sauce was a great complement to both the chicken and mashed potatoes. Between the 3 of us, we polished off our small chicken (with Zachary eating thirds, by the way).

Garlic-Rosemary Roast Chicken

7 thoughts on “Garlic-Rosemary Roast Chicken

  1. Mmm rosemary is such a wonderful flavor and a smell to have around the kitchen. Total comfort food.

    Not looking forward to pregnancy brain…since mine is already all over the place.

    1. Oh, I’m terrible at carving it too. Luckily it still tastes great, even if it looks like you’ve been hacking away at it. 🙂

  2. This looks tasty. I actually made my first ever Thanksgiving turkey this past year with a pretty similar method to this (I didn’t brine), and it was so super good and moist.

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