Skillet Lasagna


Like most people, Tom loves lasagna. And I like it, too, but am generally far too lazy to make it. It’s not that it’s difficult, but by the time you assemble the components it can just be really time consuming. Plus, if I really feel like spending some time in the kitchen making a baked pasta dish, it’s gotta be pastitsio.

This recipe caught my eye because it had all the components of traditional lasagna, but was on the table in far less time. The sauce is made really simply from pureed canned tomatoes, and the lasagna noodles cook right in the sauce, absorbing all that flavor. Oh, and three types of cheese in this dish automatically means it’s going to be fabulous.

I replaced half the ground sirloin with Italian turkey sausage, because I really love sausage in my lasagna and feel it amps up the flavor a bit. I also used whole wheat noodles, so I added just a little bit of water along with the crushed tomatoes to help them cook, since they take a little big longer.

Other than that, I left the recipe as-is and we all loved how it turned out. This dish will no doubt be making several reappearances in our household.

Skillet Lasagna

15 thoughts on “Skillet Lasagna

  1. Great point about how time consuming it can be to make lasagne. I suppose there’s no real substitute for home made lasagne, but considering how long it takes it’s no wonder soooooo many people are totally fine with just picking up some pre-made lasagne at the grocery store.

  2. I pinned this when Josie posted it and I’m so glad you reminded me I haven’t made it yet! Weeknight-friendly lasagna always sounds good to me!

  3. loved loved loved this dinner, and I’m glad you did too! I actually used half whole wheat noodles in mine too because I was using random boxes in the pantry. 🙂 The weather is perfect now for this, so I definitely need to make it again soon.

  4. I love how “rustic” and freeform your lasagna looks in the skillet! Question: I’ve been warned about putting tomatoes/tomato sauces in my cast iron skillet because their acidity (or something?) can strip off the seasoning. Have you experienced this?

    1. Gillian, I wouldn’t say I put tomatoes in my skillet a TON or anything, but I’ve definitely used them with no ill effect on the skillet. I use my cast iron skillet ALL the time, though so to say it’s “well seasoned” is an understatement. 🙂

  5. This dish looks absolutely, positively delicious. I’ve been on a kick searching for new cast iron skillet recipes recently. I am definitely looking forward to giving this one a try soon.

  6. What a great solution for those of us who are too lazy to assemble lasagna. I’m adding this to our menu for next week.

  7. Thank you! I’ve made the recipe before but couldn’t find it. I wanted to be a hero tonight so that’s why I’m making it. 🙂

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