Healthy Beef & Vegetable Fried (Brown) Rice



When I started college, my friends and I quickly found a local Chinese and Japanese restaurant that, in conjunction with beer, was probably the source of the Freshman 15 for a lot of people. I almost always ordered the chicken fried rice and what I loved about it was that, unlike “traditional” fried rice which often just had peas and carrots, this one was also loaded with snap peas and mushrooms.

I don’t order fried rice at Chinese restaurants nearly as often as I used to, just because I’ve found so many other dishes I enjoy, but I do make healthier versions of fried rice at home. I tend to use lean proteins like shrimp, chicken, or pork tenderloin, and I always stick to brown rice. This recipe caught my eye, not only because it uses beef—which I admit I’ve never done—but also because it uses oyster sauce, a flavor I love. I also really liked the addition of the bean sprouts with all the other veggies.

Stir fries and fried rice dishes don’t take very long to cook, but sometimes chopping all the ingredients can take some time. To help myself out, I cut the meat and vegetables in the morning, so those were ready to go. Everything moves pretty quickly so even if you don’t cut everything ahead of time, you will still want to make sure you do all  your chopping in the beginning. I’m usually a prep-as-other-things-cook kinda gal, but it doesn’t really work here.

This was a quick weeknight meal that was tasty,  nutritious, and filling. Plus, I already knew that Zachary loved sugar snap peas (he thinks the fact that there are tiny peas in the pod is both awesome and hilarious) but now I know that he’s also a pretty big bean sprout fan, too! The red peppers, though, forget it.


Healthy Beef & Vegetable Fried (Brown) Rice

3 thoughts on “Healthy Beef & Vegetable Fried (Brown) Rice

  1. This looks fantastic! I am always looking for new Asian dishes to try at home.

    I have also started prepping things in the morning and it makes preparing dinner so much easier. I love that Zachary loves snap peas but won’t eat red pepper! My son picked up a piece of green pepper the other day and devoured it, while he is a great eater, we were still pretty surprised. Snap peas though, I’m not so sure he’ll go for 🙂 (but we’ll try!)

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