Pasta with Chicken and Vegetables in Roasted Garlic Cream Sauce


I’ve been craving pasta like crazy lately. I think part of it is that I’m ready for fall.  I’m ready for the homey, comforting dishes, the stick-to-your-ribs food, the sauces. The carbs.

But I’m trying to reconcile that with the fact that summer produce is pretty great – and still pretty prevalent. Despite having a drought in a lot of the US, it seems that everyone still has a lot of zucchini they’re looking to use up. This recipe will not only do that, but it will also bridge the gap between end-of-summer and so-ready-for-fall-and-pumpkins-and-apples-and-stews-I-could-burst.

Really, though, you can use any kind of vegetables in this you want. I liked the ones Jessica used, so I decided to stick with them. This recipe has made the rounds recently and has subsequently gone through a few adaptations. And who am I to keep it the same as the previous person? I ended up using a combination of half and half and chicken broth to keep this creamy, but still keep the fat down a bit. I also doubled the amount of roasted garlic and quite honestly could have easily tripled it, which I may go ahead and do next time. (Dear garlic: I love you.) I roasted the vegetables, since the oven was already on roasting garlic and chicken, so a lot of this dish was pretty hands-off.

Because a lot of the ingredients are the same, this reminded me of the Cajun chicken pasta, except of course the sauce is more garlicky than spicy. Basically, pasta + cream sauce will always win me over, no matter what time of year.

Pasta with Chicken and Vegetables in Roasted Garlic Cream Sauce

11 thoughts on “Pasta with Chicken and Vegetables in Roasted Garlic Cream Sauce

  1. I seem to be both eagerly awaiting fall and mourning the imminent loss of summer at the moment. It’s a weird feeling. I love the sound of this pasta dish! Anything roasted garlic can’t help but win me over.

  2. This is such a good recipe!! When I made it I grilled the chicken and the veggies before tossing them with the pasta and sauce – so good!!! I agree with you on the garlic. There’s no such thing as too much!!

  3. I made this dish tonight with some tweaks (fat free etc) and it was delicious!!! Well done! This is a keeper! Plus I was able to use a ton of my produce!

  4. The timing of your post was so funny! Seriously, the day before you posted this I made this for dinner and at the last minute decided to roast the veggies! It was delicious with the roasted veggies! And what could make roasted garlic sauce taste even better? More garlic! Good call!

  5. I don’t eat cheese…so should I eliminate it and use the proportions as listed or add more broth, half and half and cornstarch? Using roasted veggies sounds really yummy for this recipe!

    1. Dianna, I think you will be fine just omitting it. It does thicken it a bit, so you could add a little cornstarch if necessary.

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