Zesty Turkey Burgers with Pineapple Salsa



This is the first turkey burger I’ve ever made. Ever.

Actually? This is the first turkey burger I’ve ever eaten. True story.

I’ve made plenty of chicken burgers in the past (though I was admittedly nervous about making one of those for the first time, too, and still think that, in the vast majority of cases, a beef burger is best) but never turkey. See, I’m not too crazy about turkey. It’s just…not that great? I guess if you drown it in gravy it’s edible, but I would never go so far as to say I like it. This means I don’t look forward to Thanksgiving as much as most people because I really don’t like most of the food associated with Thanksgiving – turkey, ham, candied sweet potatoes, etc.

But, here’s the thing. I am constantly trying things I’ve never particularly liked and in many cases, I’ve been surprising myself. Recently, we started ordering meat from a local farmer and he has ground turkey for a good price. So, I thought, what the  hell? Let’s try it out.

And THEN, I decided to conquer another thing I don’t really love all that much, which is fruit with my meat. By making a pineapple salsa. Holy hell, y’all.

Can you guess what happened? Yep, I liked it. Liked it a lot, in fact.

I decided to try the rub from this pork tenderloin in the burger, because 1. I really like that rub and 2. It was originally intended for turkey, so it make sense to use it on turkey. Rather than use onion and garlic powder, though, I just used fresh for both.

This is basically light years better than roast turkey, at least in my opinion (though I do love the skin, but that’s beside the point).  My only problem was overcooking the burgers which is a result of both my fear of undercooking poultry and the fact that I started them too early and my sweet potato fries weren’t done, so the burgers sat in a cast iron skillet continuing to cook for too long. Oops.

Zesty Turkey Burgers with Pineapple Salsa