Arugula and Endive Salad with Pine Nuts and Parmesan



Tom basically thinks arugula is the best thing since sliced bread (actually, he likes arugula way more than sliced bread). He prefers I only use it raw so that it retains all of its peppery bite. I love it, too, so I can’t say I blame him.

I came across this recipe recently and had all the ingredients to make it, except the endive (but, conveniently, the next day was grocery day). This salad provides a great combination of peppery arugula, salty cheese, and a zing from the lemon juice. Pine nuts add crunch and, while pricey, are a favorite of mine. I try to keep some in the freezer so I can use them in things like this but if you don’t have any and don’t want to buy them, I think slivered almonds or even some toasted pepitas would be great here, too. (And yes, I totally over-toasted mine. Those are the breaks when you have to chase down/clean up after an almost 2-year old who pulled everything off the counter while  you turned your back for 4 seconds.)

Arugula and Endive Salad with Pine Nuts and Parmesan

9 thoughts on “Arugula and Endive Salad with Pine Nuts and Parmesan

  1. I…totally think arugula is better than sliced bread also. And I almost exclusively use it in salads! This one has such fun mix-ins…parmesan, pine nuts – the works.

  2. Wow, beautiful and delicious! I know I had to get some arugula at the market last Sunday. It’s now in my shopping list for this week!

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