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Many, many years ago, Tom cooked for me for the first time. He made a creamy potato soup and it was incredibly delicious. I admit, I was impressed, considering the only thing I’d seen him “cook” before was mixing together a packet of taco seasoning and ranch dressing (“Southwest sauce,” obviously).

A few months later, he cooked for me for the second time—and made the soup again. This time? Not so good. He burned the bottom and if you know anything about burning soups, you know that once you stir that burnt bottom into the soup, there’s no turning back. The whole pot is going to taste like it came out of a smoke stack (or like my specialty of broiler-burnt bread).

That was the end of that soup.

I’ve made a couple versions of potato soup over the years but not many. Potato soups tend to be creamy and heavy and, while delicious, aren’t always the best choice for me.

This soup, on the other hand, is quite healthy. There is no cream or bacon (it’s okay, I promise) and while there is some butter, each serving ends up having only about a teaspoon of it. The soup has a great texture and it tastes very simple and pure, if you will. The leeks lend a bit of sweetness, the chili powder just a hint of spice, but otherwise this tastes like…potatoes. Which is a good thing.

Zachary loved this soup, which was weird because he never seems to want to eat soup and he doesn’t like mashed potatoes (weirdo). I suspect all the soup-making he’s been doing in his new kitchen is helping, though. (His dog’s favorite is garlic, apparently.)

There are many different ways to wash your leeks; just remember to wash them well, unless you like dirt in your food or something. I usually just slice them and the put them in a bowl of water, letting all the dirt sink to the bottom. Or, I slice and then use a salad spinner to rinse them under water and have the added benefit of spinning them dry (which won’t necessarily keep them looking pretty but considering they’re being pureed, anyway, it’s fine). David also has instructions for preparing them.

Potato-Leek Soup

13 thoughts on “Potato-Leek Soup

  1. Looks great…I’ve actually never had any sort of potato soup before but have been wanting to try to make one. I believe in the recipe you forgot to add ‘pounds’ to the amount of potatoes.

  2. One of my favorite things to eat for lunch in college was potato leek soup from this corner health food restaurant… omg it was SO GOOD, and now i am ecstatic because I can make my own! and who doesn’t like to re-live their youthful carefree days? haha
    and OH MY GOODNESS Zachary is adorable! Especially playing with his little dog. 🙂

  3. I tend to avoid potato soups as long as I’m not preparing them because they are usually a calorie disaster! Not this one though. This one sounds just perfect!

  4. I relate to his scarring after the burnt soup incident. Been there, done that. I’m glad you took up the fight though, Elly. That soup is lovely. And kudos on the photos. I know how hard it is to take a good pic of soup, never mind one that’s beige! Super job, my friend!

  5. I must be a freak, because sometimes I like the taste of burnt soup. I usually leave my stove on while we are eating chicken and dumplings, just so some on the bottom will burn a little and my left-overs will have that taste. Weirdo, I know!

    This soup sounds delicious, and probably better unburnt. 🙂

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