Chicken Fajitas



Admittedly, I’m a bit of a snob regarding chain restaurants. I wasn’t always this way (and I’m still not totally this way, as there are definitely a few I’ll go to);  I used to basically keep the Chili’s in Dearborn, MI in business.

I cannot tell you how often I was at this freaking place, eating chicken enchilada soup and chicken fajitas (with the occasional Cajun chicken pasta to shake things up a bit). Although, I suppose it’s better than our other popular high school hangout, a smoky Ram’s Horn at midnight.

I used to eat my Chili’s fajitas without sour cream (whaaaaaaat?) but with double cheese (oink) and I’d leave the sauteed onions on the side. Who’d  have thought I’d end up eschewing chain restaurants after being such an anti-foodie?

I’ve made chicken fajitas many a time, and they’ve always turned out well (they’re pretty hard to screw up). But, when I saw this post, I wanted to try it out since I’d never really used an actual recipe. I will admit to thinking the marinade was a bit strange when I read the ingredients, since it included olive oil and balsamic – things I do not deem very Tex-Mexy in nature – but I went with it and, not unlike anything else I’ve tried from Lisa, the chicken turned out perfectly.

Some things about the terrible way I used to eat fajitas don’t change, though, and not consuming pico de gallo is one of them. I was never a big pico de gallo fan, given my dislike for cilantro and the fact that I’m not all that crazy for raw onions. If you’re like me, these fajitas are great with salsa (both arbol or chipotle) or just your standard hot sauce (personal favorites are Cholula and a local habanero hot sauce I recently found).


Chicken Fajitas

7 thoughts on “Chicken Fajitas

  1. Delicious! I made this recipe from Lisa’s blog the other day, and it turned out great! You can’t go wrong with fajitas. 🙂

  2. Don’t know if you’ve seen it, but Lisa also has an excellent recipe on her site for homemade tortillas . . . well worth the extra time — I usually plan ahead and make a stack and have them in the freezer (with plastic sheets in between) ready to pull out and throw on my cast iron griddle.

    BTW, I’m originally from the Westland area, so I’m familiar with the area! 😉

  3. I used to really love chain restaurants also…but now I wouldn’t touch one with a ten foot pole! It’s amazing how much tastes can change…

    These fajitas sound fabulous! Lisa’s the queen of tex-mex.

  4. I said I’ll be taking a break from chicken for awhile, but your recipe looks awesome! This is next in line…Yeah, right! You can never go wrong with fajitas!

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