Strawberry-Rhubarb Sorbet




I’ve eaten rhubarb before, but had never had the chance to make anything with it myself, until receiving our last CSA pick up. I was pretty geeked about it (mostly, I was happy it wasn’t more kale) and decided the same day I needed to make something with it. Initially my mind went to things like pies and crumble bars, but I ended up on sorbet because it’s at least a little bit healthier. Sure, it has sugar, but it’s fat free, which basically makes it health food.

Not surprisingly, I turned to The Perfect Scoop for the recipe. It was incredibly easy to follow (cook some rhubarb with simple syrup, blend with fresh strawberries, chill and freeze).  The results? Craaaaaaaazy good. Like, really good. I could have just drank the pureed mixture and been content with that, but trooper that I am, I forged ahead with the sorbet-making. 🙂

The sorbet has a pronounced tartness from the rhubarb, but the sweetness of the strawberries really complements it beautifully, and tones the tartness down a bit. It’s no wonder that strawberry and rhubarb are considered a match made in heaven.

And, because I always have some sort of issue nearly every time I make a frozen treat, this time was no different. Have you ever poured a bunch of liquid into a food processor whose bowl was locked into the wrong position, and then had said liquid ooze out of the bottom as you are trying like mad to unlock the bowl? Oh, good. Me, neither.



Strawberry-Rhubarb Sorbet

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