Nutty Pumpkin Granola



I recently made some pumpkin muffins (which I’ll post soon) and had a little leftover pumpkin puree.  After feeding part of it to Zachary (he loved it, of course), I decided to use the rest to make some pumpkin granola.  I can’t believe that it’s practically mid-November and this is only my first pumpkin post of the year.  Insanity.   We’ve been lucky to have some very fall-like weather this week, which makes it a perfect opportunity for autumnal flavors.  Normally by now, I think fall is a distant memory and we start looking to hire snow shovelers.

I used a recipe that I frequently make as the base for this pumpkin granola.  It smelled so great as it was baking up and of course it tasted delicious, too.  One thing I love about this granola recipe is that it doesn’t use any refined sugars or butter or oil.  It’s quite healthy and the perfect complement to some Greek (or other) yogurt.

Nutty Pumpkin Granola

22 thoughts on “Nutty Pumpkin Granola

  1. It makes me crazy when I have half cans of pumpkin left after baking… what a great use for it! I like how healthy this granola sounds, also.

  2. This recipe is great! The flavor is not overwhelming with pumpkin, the spices are pleasant and the crunch is awesome!

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