Greek Orzo Frittata


Many people only think of eating frittatas for breakfast or brunch, but they can definitely work for dinner, too.  Personally, if I am eating a frittata for dinner, I do prefer it to have a little more bulk, by way of an additional protein or grain.  This one has both.  It’s a similar concept to the “spaghetti frisbee” (but more eggy) and the wild rice frittata (but, you know, without rice).

I chose chicken breast as the additional protein because I had 1 breast in the fridge.  Really any kind of meat you want to use in this would work, as would no meat at all. An Italian chicken sausage or sundried tomato sausage would be great, and lamb would make this even more Greek!

I used my cast iron pan for this, and it was the perfect vessel, as it often is. If you don’t have a cast iron skillet, I would recommend either baking the frittata at 350 in a nonstick pan (unless you have a nonstick pan that can go under the broiler), or else add a little more fat to the pain for a stainless pan, which can go under the broiler.

Greek Orzo Frittata

12 thoughts on “Greek Orzo Frittata

  1. Elly, this is very creative, lots of Greek elements and I especially like the yogurt in here…you know the chicken will stay moist here!

  2. I love your Frittata recipe and as you say I would certainly eat it for dinner too. Thnks for sharing.

  3. I have never made a frittata before, but have always wanted to. I am mostly concerned about which pans I can put in my oven. How long do you put the pan under the broiler for approximately? Thanks.

    1. Hi Catherine. It will depend a little on how big your pan is/how thick the frittata is as well as how close to the broiling element you are (I would recommend you be about 6″ away from it). I would say it should take about 4 minutes to set and brown on top.

  4. I love the idea of bulking up the frittata with orzo & chicken! Sounds like a great idea for converting this into a dinner worthy meal.

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