Freezer Meals


So, yesterday was my due date.  It came and went without too much excitement.  Much like today, I guess.  It’s obvious that this baby is not punctual like his or her mother and father.  Instead, baby has inherited the always-running-late gene prevalent in most Greeks.

I’ve mentioned a few times that I’ve been preparing a few meals here and there (well, mostly just making extras of things I’m already making for dinner) to freeze for easy access once the baby gets here.  It’s no secret that Tom is not exactly a pro in the kitchen (here’s just one example) and I don’t want to be spending a lot of money getting takeout/delivery all the time – not to mention the fact that this pretty much always equates to eating unhealthily, too.

I originally wanted to make some spiced up chicken burgers, chicken enchiladas, and a couple other things but there is just NO room in the freezer right now considering our freezer is not that big to begin with and the half that isn’t currently housing frozen meals has some meat and vegetables.   Plus, I thought I was running out of time.  Silly me.  So, there’s not as much variety as I’d originally hoped, but I’m happy to at least have about a dozen or so meals that are on hand for easy cooking/reheating.

Here are the things that actually made it into the freezer:

Slowcooker Pulled BBQ Chicken (Two quart-sized bags)

Lasagna (Three 8×8 square disposable baking pans, wrapped in foil and placed in gallon-sized bags)

Fava Bean Stew (One gallon-sized bag)

Beef Stew (Two gallon-sized bags)

Sausage and Lentil Soup (Three quart-sized bags)

Chorizo and Black Bean Breakfast Burritos (about 12 burritos, individually wrapped and then placed in two gallon-sized bags)

Since we have a freezer drawer thingy on the bottom of our refrigerator it’s kind of hard to take pictures of how easily the freezer bags made stacking.  They took up much less space than they would using any other method.

Freezer Meals