Romano-Black Pepper Biscotti


This year, I wanted to include something savory in my treat bags, and I remembered  this parmesan-black pepper biscotti I had bookmarked a while back.   Savory biscotti is a nice switch from your standard sweeter biscotti, and something I don’t make nearly enough.  The added bonus is that biscotti is very shelf-stable, making it a good option for treat bags and mailings.  This time of year, everyone has tons of cookies to eat, so it’s  nice to give them something that is a) not sweet and b) doesn’t have to be eaten in the next day or two for optimal flavor.

The only change I made to this was using Pecorino Romano over Parmesan (just a preference, and what I always keep in my fridge) and a peppercorn blend rather than just black pepper.  In theory the peppercorn blend was a good and tasty idea. In practice, there were some flecks of green in the biscotti which alarmed me at first, until I realized they were pieces of green peppercorn.  So you may want to warn people their biscotti isn’t spoiled or anything when you give it to them.  🙂

I did make the biscotti larger than the recipe suggested, and as a result I definitely got fewer biscotti (around 40).  Originally, I grated twice as much cheese (in ounces),  thinking I was going to double the batch (I didn’t).  But, I definitely used quite a bit more than half my mixture when I was making the biscotti and measuring the cheese in cups.   I know that normally weight measurements are far more accurate but in this case I think there would not have been enough cheese had I gone by the amount of ounces.

You really can’t go wrong with these biscotti – cheesy, buttery, and spicy. Great to eat with coffee in the morning, as a mid-day snack, or even with your soup at dinner.

Romano-Black Pepper Biscotti