Chocolate-Mint Thumbprints


Alright, I’ll be honest. I am pretty lazy, especially when it comes to baking.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure that even as a person who doesn’t bake a whole lot, I still do more from-scratch baking than the “average” person (whoever that may be), but I’m not one for several steps or for spending time decorating things.  I appreciate (and am jealous of) beautifully decorated desserts that take a long time and a lot of skill to put together – but I’m probably not going to be the one spending the time (and I certainly lack the skill) to make them.  The point of this rant is to tell you that, originally, when I wanted to make a chocolate-peppermint cookie, I was eyeing these from Martha Stewart. Gorgeous, right? But as I was putting into perspective all my other holiday baking and the fact that dipping things into chocolate (at least, uniformly) is not really my strong suit, I started straying from the recipe, pretty and festive as they may be.

I mentioned this to a friend, who told me she had made these chocolate-mint cookies last year and they were good.  I’ve actually never made a thumbprint cookie before, so I thought it would be fun to try one out, and I liked the idea of some mint chocolate in the batter, too.  Combined with the semisweet chocolate and cocoa powder, the mint flavor isn’t particularly prominent (it was, of course, moreso in the filling), but it was a nice added flavor.  If you want an even mintier cookie, you’ll want to substitute a little more of the bittersweet chocolate for mint chocolate (or maybe add a bit of peppermint extract to the batter).  I actually thought the cookies tasted better (and had a little more mint flavor) the next day and day after that.  These are a great change of pace from your typical chocolate cookie (and if I’m being honest, chocolate cookies are not my favorite, anyway).  These are not a very sweet cookie, which is nice if you want to highlight the bittersweet chocolate (and get a sweeter punch from the white chocolate-mint filling, which makes these both minty and festive).  If you want to make them even more festive, you could always roll them in colored sugar instead of your standard turbinado.

The dough for these came together quickly. I actually doubled the recipe and froze a batch so I could bake more of these freshly next weekend.  Rolling the balls can get a bit messy but it’s certainly not difficult. I did use my thumb (and index finger) for the first print, but for the second I used a 1/2 tsp. measuring spoon I had, which worked out much better and I wish I would have used that originally for more uniform (and slightly deeper) thumbprints. The amount of filling is perfect, which surprised me (I feel like every time I make a recipe with a filling or a frosting, I have too much or too little).

I’m submitting these chocolate-mint thumbprint cookies to one of my favorite bloggers, Susan, who is hosting Eat Christmas Cookies Season 3! Be sure to check out the always-growing round up and participate by posting your own cookies!

Chocolate-Mint Thumbprints

17 thoughts on “Chocolate-Mint Thumbprints

  1. I love mint and chocolate together! I have been planning to make a chocolate peppermint cake this week, but I haven’t been able to find any of the awesome peppermint ice cream this year. Happy Holidays!

  2. Yum diddly dum! (That was my first thought when I saw the picture, I swear) These look very good! I’ve never made thumbprints as an adult, but I remember making them with my mom as a kid. But not this kind! I’ll have to bookmark this as a possibility for next year.

  3. After many unsuccessful cookie attempts so far this year I decided to stick with what I know and what was easy for me. These look not only delicious but right up my alley!!!

  4. Mmm, these look great! I feel like I only put chocolate and mint together during the holidays but need to remember how much I enjoy the combo throughout the year too!

  5. I love quick cookie/dessert recipes too … too many steps make my head spin!!

    My mom always made jam thumbprints as part of her holiday baking. These are a great combination of chocolate and mint flavors and a festive winter cookie!!

  6. I love quick cookie/dessert recipes too … too many steps make my head spin!!

    My mom always made jam thumbprints as part of her holiday baking. These are a great combination of chocolate and mint flavors and a festive winter cookie!!

  7. English cook here! some american friends made delicious cookies at christmas a gifts for us-one a little chocolate mint with beigy bits in it which were the mint flavour- what is it?!

    1. Hi Mary. I’m sorry to say I’m not too sure what your friends used in the cookies! The only mint chips I know of are green or brown (chocolate). There are some baking chips made by Andes, or candies made by Junior mint that are both white and chocolate, so perhaps the white turns beige when cooked? I’m not 100%, might be better to ask your friends (and report back, because I am intrigued)!

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