Patates Fournou/Patates Psites/Greek Lemon-Oregano Roasted Potatoes: Whatever you call them, they’re pretty much the best thing ever.


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Now, onto these potatoes. Well, the title kind of says it all – these potatoes are pretty much the best thing ever:


They’re a staple in Greek households, and for good reason. The potatoes get just a little crispy around the edges (even more if you aren’t rushing to take them out of the oven because you miscalculated and the rest of your meal is ready…not that *I* would ever do that) and are fluffy and pillowy inside. They have a delicious flavor from the lemon and oregano. I also add chicken broth to mine, both for flavor and for the afformentioned fluffy texture. If you don’t have any, though, you certainly don’t need to use it.

I alluded to how to make these (alongside chicken) in a post long ago but at that point the only person who read my blog was….well, nobody. Even my husband didn’t read my blog at that point. These potatoes are commonly thrown into roast lamb dishes, too, and often just cooked separately to accompany…well, pretty much anything.

I used to make these with a lot more oil than I do now, but I’ve lightened them up over the years, and they’re still one of my favorite sides.

Patates Fournou/Patates Psites/Greek Lemon-Oregano Roasted Potatoes: Whatever you call them, they’re pretty much the best thing ever.

  • Oregano and lemon is one of my favorite flavor combos, so I’m looking forward to trying this!

  • Reading this post made my day as truly this is the best meal ever.

  • Erin

    These look so good! I love pretty much anything with potatoes and I love this flavor combination.

  • Yep, these are pretty much how I like’em…blast them in the oven and wait for crispy outside/fluffy insides of the patata…could be(has been) a meal all on it’s own.

  • I’m so glad you blogged these finally! I’ve made them from your description before and love them. I am generally not a potato person but Greek potatoes, I’m all over that!

  • Oh, they look great! I totally hear you on the extra done potatoes due to poor timing situation! I am getting better, but still some nights have those dinners where my timing is waaay off 🙂 I like that these use dried oregano, so all the ingredients are things I usually have around.

  • Mmm – what a great and flavorful way to prepare potatoes!

  • These need no introduction…they can satisfy the fussiest of eaters! I like the addition of the chicken stock elly…a nice touch!

  • These are fantastic, full of flavors.

  • Yummmmm……… So good………. my favorite………..

    I like to use chicken stock in my potatoes too, they add so much more flavor and a lot less sodium than tossing a bullion cube in like my mom used to do!

  • Yay for twitter! 🙂 Glad your “in the loop” so to speak. (runs off to add you)

    These potatoes look extra yummy, just what I was looking for today

  • I have GOT to try these! I’m a potato freak, but unfortunately my husband isn’t crazy about them. Maybe these will win him over!

  • Oh, they look so addicting! I love all the lemon and can’t wait to try these!

  • very yummy. I like the way you cut them.

  • Amy

    OMG…these potatoes look/sound amazing!!

    I added you to twitter and nominated you for a blog award in my blog. 🙂

  • ash

    these look so good!

  • sallyjo

    the mom of my greek friends makes these and i have several times tried to duplicate them …to no avail…could never find them in greek cookboks can you believe it? so thank you so much for putting these up..will try them soon

  • Yumm I’m totally going to have to make these! I love the lemony Greek potatoes.

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