Chocolate Chip Cookies


I am always hearing people say they are on this constant search for the perfect chocolate chip cookie. Personally, though, I have never been on that quest. For one thing, chocolate chip has never been my favorite cookie. While I enjoy the chocolate chip cookie, it’s pretty far down the list of favorite cookies. Secondly, when I do feel the urge to make chocolate chip cookies, I’ve always used the same recipe, the recipe my mom always used: the classic Nestle Toll House recipe.  And, of course, there’s a reason.

In my 2nd grade Greek school class, the students took turns bringing treats for the class. My mother, the perpetually late type, waited  until the last minute possible to make the treats the week it was my turn–Toll House cookies. We grabbed the cookies from the oven and flew out the door so I wouldn’t be late for class. When we ate the cookies in class, they were still warm and gooey. Everyone was raving about how delicious they were. I was so happy everyone liked them that I decided to volunteer my mom’s services the following week, too.

The following week, however, my mom had to work late so my uncle Mike was stuck doing the baking and the driving to Greek school. I’m not sure where he got the recipe he used, but let’s just say, it wasn’t Toll House…and it wasn’t good. The cookies were ROCK hard. I was seriously worried some of my classmates would knock their teeth out taking a bite of these cookies.

So, you can understand why I’ve always stuck to the Tollhouse recipe. To me, it was a surefire crowd pleaser.

It was only recently that I decided to venture out into a new chocolate chip cookie recipe. I’ve seen these Cook’s Illustrated thick and chewy chocolate chip cookies all over message boards and the blogosphere. One night while Tom was at a game, I decided to try them out (I have a propensity to make while alone – not a good thing).

I LOVE these cookies. These are absolutely my new go-to chocolate recipe from now on. Tom liked these more than the Toll House recipe (which I had made just a few weeks prior). He ate four that night–not an easy feat considering the size of the cookies.

In place of chocolate chips (which, truth be told, have always been my least favorite part of the cookie), I used Trader Joe’s mini peanut butter cups. They didn’t hold their shape quite as well as chips, but they were mucho delicious.

Mine didn’t turn out quite as thick as they were supposed to (I’m fairly certain it’s the fault of my oven, as I froze some of the doughballs and they baked up twice as high in my toaster oven the following week). They were still big, chewy, and delicious, though! My old Greek school classmates would love them, I’m sure!

Chocolate Chip Cookies

13 thoughts on “Chocolate Chip Cookies

  1. I love the idea of using the mini-peanut butter cups! I love Trader Joe’s mini cups (although I toss them in the freezer and snack on them a little at a time…)
    I am definitely going to try these out!

  2. Yummy yummy yummy! Boy, these cookies made my day already, right before 2009 comes. Elly, thanks for your gorgeous photos as always. I don’t know what to do without your recipes and food porn. I must make these cookies.

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