Beef and Paprika Ragout


As a result of the blog change, I’ve fallen just a wee (okay, quite a bit) behind on my blog. I was somewhat mortified to discover how many pictures I had on my memory stick that hadn’t been uploaded or written about. And you know what that means–I have a hard time remembering what, exactly, went into those dishes. Oops! But don’t worry because now that I’ve been introduced to Windows Live Writer, I’m hoping this is no longer a problem. Or, I should probably reintroduce myself to the pen and paper.

So, I’m not gonna lie. The recipe below might be a little off, but I have a feeling that even if it is, it will still be quite tasty. This is sort of a cross between a beef stew and beef paprikash. It was a way for me to use up some extra carrots and celery without making my extra-carrot-and-celery-fallback (stir fry) or beef stew, since I was out of potatoes. This is a really comforting dish and the smoked paprika plays well with the red wine to create a nice, rich flavor.

I get on major soup and stew kicks in the winter (case in point: we had chicken and white bean stew last night, and are having beef stew tonight) because after some chopping, they practically cook themselves, and I just love eating comforting dishes in terrible weather.

Beef and Paprika Ragout

13 thoughts on “Beef and Paprika Ragout

  1. What wonderful pictures but then you have a great subject that’s extremely photogenic not to mention delicious looking.
    I personally am thrilled you moved – I’ve always had a problem posting to your blog and this interface is far friendlier.

  2. I totally agree about soups and stews in winter..they’re so easy! Bring on the late entries Elly…look forward to reading about your delicious concoctions!

  3. What’s not to like about the ingredients given any way? Still sounds delicious. The same happened to me some time back and now I take pictures of the ingredients I use so as not to forget when writing the recipe. It actually works!!

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