Welcome to the new Elly Says Opa!


My goodness, has this ever been a long time coming. I wanted to move well over a year ago but I kept hoping something would be invented to make my move easier. See, vox is pretty much the only blogging service that does not have seamless import/export functions to other blogging services. Unfortunately, I kept adding posts and adding posts, which means I had more and more to copy and paste into here. So, it took me, umm, a long time, and I lost some things like comments, but I’m  hoping you and I both find it worth the time and wait.

So, that’s why I haven’t really been around lately, both with updating my own blog and with commenting on others (and even worse, responding to emails in a timely fashion). I promise I will be back to regular updates starting tomorrow (at least for a week or two, before we go out of town again)!

The first thing you should do is update your readers. If you use Google Reader, just click the image below. Otherwise, you can use this feed URL in your reader of choice.

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I’ve added some functionality that I hope you’ll find useful. First, the tabs at the top. The Recipe Index is exactly that–a listing of all the recipes you’ll find on this blog and links to them.  Stock the Pantry is a list of things I like to keep around at all times, and I thought it may be helpful to others. You may or may not find Cook’s Tools helpful, but for newer cooks or those looking to upgrade their cookware and gadgets, I’m hoping it’s a good resource.

On your sidebar, you’ll notice a search bar, which 99.9% of blogs have but, you know, I was living in the internet stone age before.  I’ve pared down my categories, too, so if you are looking for something specific, the search or Recipe Index will be your best bet.

Also, for original recipes, I will be providing a printer-friendly link from here on out. I’ve gone through and added the option to the most recent posts, and will eventually go through and add it to the older ones, but it will take some time, so bear with me. This link is where the recipe is posted, right under the title. See? It’s right here.


My goal with the new blog (besides some increased options and functionality on my part) is to provide a user-friendly, clean blog that my readers enjoy. So please give me some feedback on what you see and like, what you don’t see but would like, and what you downright dislike. But be gentle, because this *did* take me forever and has been the bane of my existence for like six months now.  🙂

I realize the header is not so fancypants but I don’t have a photoshop program so you’ll have to deal with the boring header, at least for a while. 🙂

Welcome, welcome!

Welcome to the new Elly Says Opa!

16 thoughts on “Welcome to the new Elly Says Opa!

  1. Elly, buh-bye Vox…I hated having to be a member there just to post comments on OPA (but I did).

    Now, it’s freedom for you, you can tailor your blog and fine-tune it bit by bit, it’ll come along.

  2. Commenting for me is now easier, and that is cool! I love the new clean look and I am sure you will, in time, give the site it’s “authentic Elly-look.”

  3. Your website is awesome! I am one of your Vox contacts and I am so happy with this new site! You did a great job and I can’t wait to start trying some of these recipes!

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